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atek.json manifests

Applications must include an atek.json manifest file at the root of their source package. Here is a quick overview of their properties:

  • title The title of the application.
  • description A short description of what the application is/does.
  • author The author of the application.
  • license A short string describing how the application is licensed (e.g. "MIT").
  • frame A boolean identifying whether the application should run inside an iframe in the main application, or as its own application in a subdomain.
  • exports An array of exported API descriptions. Each entry is an object with the following properties:
    • api The ID of the API. This should be URL-like, e.g., and use a domain name owned by the creator of the API.
    • path The path of the HTTP endpoint where this API is exposed.
    • transport An optional identifier of "rpc" or "proxy." Defaults to "rpc."
    • In the future, a means for custom metadata will be added to these objects to assist with API-routing.

This manifest is likely to expand and change as Atek develops.

Here is an example manifest pulled from ADB:

{  "title": "Atek Database",  "description": "A Hypercore-based DB.",  "author": "Paul Frazee <>",  "license": "MIT",  "frame": true,  "exports": [    {"api": "", "path": "/_api/adb"},  ]}